Wednesday, May 11, 2011

make a wish card by lauren bergold

one of the best things about the gorgeous and super-generous kits pixie-in-chief kirsty vittetoe assembles for us every month is their versatility! take this month's offering, LA DOLCE VITA for example: yes, it's loaded with pretty frills, fancy flowers and sheer fabulousness... but can you still use it to make a "guy card"??

yes, you most certainly can! see?!

isn't it amazing what a difference *context* makes? because when you first see the 12x12" sheet of sassafras "sweetly smitten" stickers that comes in the kit, your impression is of soft feminine colors, and vintage goodness... which of course it HAS, in spades! but if you look at the individual stickers, there are plenty of plainer ones that, when combined, can look quite manly!

especially if you maybe dirty them up a little bit with some distress inks, or even stamp a sort of worn or grungy pattern on them? i've done that on three of the stickers, as well as on the very cool pink paislee "ambrose" letters. then all i needed was a fun banner cut from scraps of glitz, american crafts and websters' papers, which i secured with some of the smaller brads from the entire pack of sassafras ones that came in the kit, and i was ALL SET!

and now i am ready to celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite gentlemen! ♥

Kirsty's Note -
AWESOME!!!! Thanks Pixie Lauren!!!

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  1. I am going to HAVE to lift this is so perfect for boy birthdays.

  2. Hello Kirsty...thank you for your visit...
    Yours creations are amazings, very beautiful...
    Sorry my english...


  3. gorgeous...I'm a wishin' that I had Lauren's it.

  4. Hello Kristy. I am visiting our blog and its very nice. Thanks for your visit in my blog. I love it.

  5. That Lauren is something... this is such a great man card. She is so good at creating something fabulous with these terrific kits.

  6. so cool card :) I think that this sign "make a wish" also will work with some picture of cake :)

  7. Okay now this gorgeous!!! I love the banner/penant in the top right...It's great!