Tuesday, July 19, 2011

card with chocolate by Zielonooka

Do you like chocolate? I’ m love it, a special milk chocolate with nuts:))
Do you like to receive that kind of sweet wishes? Of course you like :). That’s why today I prepare special for you a card with chocolate. Into the pocket you can also add note with greetings. 

Oh yes, it was easy to predict there is no chocolate in the pocket ….. somebody ate it :)).

I did myself short tutorial how to do it card with chocolate you can find it HERE.

Have a sweet day:)


Kirsty's Note -
That is pretty, thanks Miss Z!!!

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  1. Love love love the chocolate holder, that is so cool. Wouldnt have any chocolate in it in my house either lol. I cannot believe those roses are brads!

  2. Beautiful card and such a lovely idea. It looks good enough to eat. Lee xx

  3. HOLY WOW, miss z! this is as ♥BRILLIANT♥ as it is beeeeeeautiful... and it is PLENTY of both! i love this and i cannot wait to grab the instructions so i will know the secret of making one, as well!

    ps: i have started buying "birthday candy" with nuts in it because i am allergic... otherwise, i found i was just EATING the candy myself, and not sending it!!! :) :) :)

  4. Great idea and beautiful card! ;-)

  5. What a pretty and clever card