Wednesday, September 28, 2011

instant accordion booklet by lauren bergold

i've made quite a few accordion booklets in my time but this one was by far the fastest! why? because i totally *CHEATED*... and you can, too! :)

september's pixie dust paperie kitTECOLOTE, contains this gorgeous sheet of gcd "antiquities" double-sided journal cards. i sliced it neatly in half to create two sets of three cards, joined them together, and scored on each vertical dividing line, et voila!

one perfectly proportioned accordion book, ready to decorate!

since my booklet is going to serve as an extra-special birthday card for my friend paul, i chose to fill mine with a poem called "field guide" by his favorite american poet, tony hoagland.

i hand-stamped the entire poem, using black ink and a very elderly alphabet set, across the four interior pages of the booklet. this took quite a bit of time, and could easily be substituted for handwriting or computer-generated text. (on the other hand, if you want to learn verse by heart, this is a good way!!!)

you can see that i joined the two panels of journaling cards using some decorative masking tape on the front and back. to give it a little context, i added some additional strips of tape here and there.

to hold the "accordion" together when closed i attached a little bit of signature pixie seam binding to the back of the booklet and tied it in a neat bow.

the beautiful dragon fly is a serendipitous find from a magazine; i mounted it on a scrap of transparency before cutting it out, to give it a little more strength. the label sitcker is from a sheet of sassafras stickers included in may's LA DOLCE VITA kit.

of course an accordion booklet can hold other things besides poetry: photographs, keepsakes, quotations, a list of birthdays, the list is endless! what will you fill *YOURS* with? i cannot wait to see! ♥

Kirsty's Note -
Awesome work, you hand-stamped the poem, oh wow, you are just an amazing crafter, thanks Pixie Lauren!!!!

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  1. This is great Lauren. I need to make one. Or six. Hey, is this REALLY powered by Pixies? Really???

  2. Oh wow Lauren, this is really beautiful. Lee x

  3. what an excellent project.....sooooooooo fabulous!

  4. This is so FABULOUS! Those papers are PERFECT for this! LOVE the dragonfly and that hand stamped poem....ohhhhh myyyy!