Thursday, April 7, 2011

recipes notebook by Zielonooka

This April kit reminded me of the autumn harvest and preserves in the jar.
Webster's paper fit perfectly on my notebook, which will include recipes for preserves, these in the jars. I do not know how does it look in your countries but in Poland almost everyone does. Almost everyone because for sure they are such persons who do not like or can not do it.

Cardboard spoon is not available in the kit, I got it from a friend because I decided that it would fit perfectly.

There is a decorative side in the middle of the notebook to write the name/title of your recipe book , or the name of the owner.

I hope that I inspired you a little.



Kirsty's Note -
This is so beautiful, you just have your brilliant way to bring out the beauty of those DP from Pixie April Kit "Country Farm Stand", Thanks Miss Z!!!!

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  1. oh how lovely you've made this book, i like it!

  2. Какой красивый, очаровательный блокнот для рецептов!!! ))

  3. amazing note book! It's so pleasure to use so beautiful creation doing some routing works in the kitchen and the spoon - just perfect point for the project!

  4. What a beautiful book! I admire all the detail…I need twine…

    So pretty!!!

  5. Wow... that is so beautiful. Miss Z, you are amazingly talented!

  6. Your little album is precious! Love the stitching and the little row of pearls.
    Thank you for sharing! :)

  7. This is really beautiful. The stitching along the top edges is so perfect.