Monday, April 16, 2012

my favorite "ingredients" by lauren bergold

Pixie Dust Paperie


"Just Enough Stuff"
by Lauren Bergold
(Day 2)


of course you already know that my ♥FAVORITE♥ supplies to use in my cards and artwork are the pixie kits which miss kirsty assembles with such fabulous flair each month, but the other thing i really love to include in my work as often as possible is a bit of vintage goodness... because while i adore having the newest and coolest stuff as much as anyone, there is nothing like adding in something uniquely beautiful, that has already stood the test of time!

 (a birthday princess crown using vintage sheet music makes me want to sing, lol!)

i've been collecting and using vintage paper for ages; i love sheet music, old dictionaries, maps, game pieces, magazines, postcards... well, let's just say if it's made of paper, and has a beautiful design or illustrations i either have some, or i want some! :) a few years ago i realized that i had what my friend leslie calls a S.A.B.L.E. situation:  "supplies available beyond life expectancy" (lol!) so i started sharing a few bits and bobs with some of my artsy pals. at some point someone said, "you know, you could SELL this stuff" and thus my idea for themed ephemera packs was born!

(foreign text backgrounds give you the structure of written words without the distraction of their meaning)

i call my etsy shop "JUST ENOUGH STUFF" because that's what i'd like to provide for my fellow papercrafters: a happy medium between "not enough stuff"--and thus a lack of inspiration; and "too much stuff"--which can be overwhelming. i think most people would prefer not to root through and purchase 20 different books of musty dusty sheet music... but who amongst us would not like to be presented with a nice clean plastic packet containing 20 different sizes and styles of music pages just calling out to be used in our next creations? (yeah, me too!) i've tried to assemble collections that i'd like to buy... so that you can skip more quickly the FUN PART of actually making projects!

(vintage nature images add instant charm to pretty much any project, imo!)

my first three types of ephemera packs showcase my favorite--and i think most flexible and useful--themed vintage goodies; each style is available in petite (10+ sheets) or deluxe (20+ sheets); every single one is different and unique, but equal in quantity and quality!

each pack has a variety of sizes and shapes as well as a cool mixture of paper color, finish and patina; some sheets have lyrics, some have illustrations, there is everything from kids' songs to german hymns to guitar string charts!

languages include spanish, french, german, hungarian, icelandic, chinese, japanese, thai, hebrew, arabic, russian, greek and more; every type of publication from phrase books and dictionaries to cookbooks to childrens' stories and gossip magazines!

i confess to a weakness for vintage illustrations, especially of birds; but these packs have lots of other images and text as well: volcanoes, space, dinosaurs, all types of animals, fish and insects, plants and flowers... publications range from calendars to childrens' encyclopedias to wildlife handbooks of every age imaginable! 

of course, i have lots more ideas... and lots more STUFF!!! so i'll be sharing other packs and other ideas with you in the coming months. i hope you'll stop by my etsy shop or my personal blog to check them out!

finally a reminder that last october's BLUE MOON pixie dust paperie kit and last january's MY FUNKY VALENTINE kit both include a bit of vintage sheet music, plus a few other older goodies, along with lots of modern-day fabulousness for your creations, and this is a great way to "get your feet wet" if you're new to the idea of using vintage products. more inspiration from ALL the pixies for great ways to combine old and new things together can be found in the october kit blog posts and the january kit blog posts!


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