Saturday, January 21, 2012

"SPARKLE" gift box by lauren bergold

you'll have noticed that i ♥LOVE♥ to make fancy little gift boxes.  there are a couple of reasons for this:  one is that i am always attracted to them in gift shops, where they areexpensive!  another is that i have a lot of crafty friends to whom i enjoy giving a "little something" on their birthdays, and having some really AMAZING packaging always makes a small gift look a lot cooler, in my opinion.  this particular one i made using january's fabulous LOVE NOTES kit:

i started off with one of those little papier mache boxes they sell in the craft superstores for about $1.50. i stained all the edges black with a permanent marker before affixing my trimmed papers. i used the awesome crate "denim" pattern, and the reverse of pink paislee's "cozy sweater" for the top. 

when wrapping paper around the side of the box, it's important not to try and take your paper UNDER the part that the lid will cover; unless your lid happens to have a VERY loose fit, it's not going to slide over an extra layer. you can see, below, that i only applied about an inch-high strip of the denim. this is why it's nice to have colored the unfinished box with a marker, it makes it blend in a bit better!

of course, in this case, i also knew i was going to add the luxurious blue velvet lace from crate paper's "random" trimmings, and that would cover any gaps rather nicely. inside the box, i've got a little collection of vintage buttons, some of which have crystal or rhinestone details, which is why the american crafts sticker "bring your own sparkle" worked so well.

for finishing touches i added a "random" chipboard sticker (which i trimmed into two pieces to fit better) and a few of glitz design's rhinestones trimmed from the beautiful borders in the kit.  and now i am ready to bestow this lovely treat on a special sewing friend!!!  (shhh!  don't tell, ok?!) ♥


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