Wednesday, January 25, 2012

happy birthday altered frame by lauren bergold

i don't scrapbook, as such, but i have been known to make altered frames... which is, afterall just fancier and more permanent type of layout! since this particular frame holds the photo of one of my favorite kids in the world--my best friend's daughter, miss isabel--it seems only fitting i should use the LOVE NOTES kit!

this frame measures approximately eight inches square, and i found it in the section of my local big box craft store where all of the unpainted wooded and papier mache items are kept.  would you believe it cost ONE DOLLAR??!  ok, granted, it was unfinished when i purchased it, needed quite a bit of sanding around the edges, and it does not have glass or plastic covering the photo area.  but then i knew i wanted to customize this and give it to a young lady who will turn three this spring.  so  those factors actually WORKED for me!  :)

in addition to the name, the variety of papers and embellishments in the LOVE NOTESkit was perfect for what i had in mind! the thing which sparked my idea to begin with was the my mind's eye "doily banners paper".  as soon as i saw it, i knew that if if cut out the banners and draped them over and around the frame they would look FABULOUS... and i think was i was right about that, don't you?!  :)

the second thing i added was a bunch of elements from crate paper's "random" chipboard sheet.  every piece of chipboard you see here (except the pink butterfly which is teresa collins' from the PINK ROSE COTTAGE kit) was part of the 12x12" sheet that came in the kit... and i doubt i even used half of the fun icons provided!

the words "happy", "adorable" and "sweet"... plus that super-fab cupcake and the funky ampersand... were all ready to use our of the packet.  heck, they are even self-adhesive, you cannot get much EASIER than that, right?!

my favorite part is the collection of tiny chipboard buttons, gems and little stickers that frame the heart-shaped opening of the frame.  it's hard to think of anything that would be cuter AND ALSO draw one's attention *immediately* to the sweet girl's face!

and now i cannot wait for this little gal's birthday to arrive... so we can take a brand new"adorable, happy & sweet" photo to go into the frame!


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