Sunday, January 29, 2012

"go wild on your birthday" by lauren bergold

it's a well-known (& awesome!) fact that the pixie dust paperie specializes in finding the prettiest papers and the most beautiful embellishments, and this month's LOVE NOTES kit is certainly no exception. so you may be wondering if they can ALSO be used to produce fun masculine cards and layouts? if i may, i'd like to give my answer in card form:

the reverse side of crate paper's "denim" sheet is a lovely floral... but this side is fab as well, don't you think? pink paislee's "cozy sweater" has a fun geometric on one side and an awesome graph on the reverse. my mind's eye's "love me" paper is neutral--both in color and gender--as are a bunch of the elements in the giant 12x12 set of crate's "random" chipboard. the distressed pale green ledger panel was cut from the packaging of pink paislee's "wood chip" alphabet. speaking of which: 

those babies are already an attractive shade of natural pale wood and frankly look great right out of the package; but i couldn't resist using a texty background stamp to give mine a little more personality! and then there's the star of the card:

ok, no, he wasn't actually included *IN* the kit. :) but i bet, like me, you've got a few favorite digital files, right? having a small nephew (& crazy brothers-in-law, lol!) some of mine happen to be monsters. this one, from a set called "monstrous" by jesse edwards, is sadly out of print, but there are loads of others available; plus clipart works well for this; or try a google image search of "monster" and "paper-piecing" and see what you get!

the gorgeous package of crate paper's "random" trimmings which come in the kit included this fantastic extra-thick baker's twine. i attached it to my card using fast-dry tacky glue. i love the way it frames my sentiment composed with the wooden letters, a bit of computer-generated text, and my trusty dymo labeller!

and there you have it: a monstrously festive "guy card" that surely any husband, nephew... or crazy brother-in-law... would love to receive! :)


Pixie January Kit "Love Notes"

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"Love Notes"

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