Monday, February 21, 2011

"wish you were here" card by lauren bergold

i have to confess i was so taken with the *PIXIE* aspect of the SPRINGTIME PIXIE kit, that i mostly focused on making projects that featured pixies. so when it came to the sheet of october afternoon's "campfire" paper, i tended to use the polka-dotted reverse side, as an accent. but the adorable woodland campground map is so very appealing, isn't it?

i just HAD TO reserve a bit of it, and try my hand at making a card! i wasn't sure what i'd do, until i noticed one section of the paper had a little dotted line leading to a spot marked with an "X"; and i knew i wanted to enlarge on that. i wound up using embroidery thread to really ACCENT the line... and here's what i came up with:
my favorite things here (besides the embroidered line!) are the "photo corners", which i made by stamping two of the small chipboard frames in the kit with a woodgrain-patterned stamp, cutting them neatly into quarters, and stacking the bits on top of each other . i love this technique because it essentially means that ANY size frame can be made to work on any size image!

i did have to cheat very slightly in terms of the chipboard letters on the card: the small ones are maya road mini's and were actually leftover from the october kit, FALL in LOVE! the others i just happened to have in my personal stash, but they are the larger version of the same "noah" i think that's an acceptable exception, don't you??! :)

Kirsty's Note -
Simply brilliant Lauren, great used of that campfire paper that neglected by most of us, and those corners made from the Maya Road chipboard frame in the Kit, another super great idea!

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  1. An amazing card ... Miss L you are just sooo clever!

  2. A very talented gal this Lauren. I'm inspired.

  3. woot woot for Lauren...she is truly amazing!

  4. Love how that embroidered line really makes the paper pop ... and what a clever idea for turning any sized frame into super-cool photo corners ... love it.