Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hi all:)

ONA means SHE it’s again scrap with my daughters picture. This picture was taken at the last year summer. We went for a walk and we ate then her favorite chocolate ice cream. I remember it like today, when she was dancing with the wind on the river bank and how much she enjoyed.
Whenever I create the scrap with her picture I put the special effort to do it unique and try to capture her best memories from the childhood. She says at the moment she likes it but we'll see what she would say when she will be teenager:).

Have a nice day:*



Kirsty's Note -
I seriously love how you used the Webster's DP this way, and that cracked frame make me so jealous as I never seemed to get them cracked like the way you did, beautiful layout and great way to scrap that precious moment of your daughter!

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  1. i really love this LO, i like the flowers!

  2. Sooo lovely... the flowers, the cracked frame, the film strips... it's such a beautiful combination.

  3. ♥♥♥ONA♥♥♥ beautiful, indeed! is her mama... and her mama's art! miss z, you have once again SHOCKED me with your cleverness, your imagination, and your just flat-out MASSIVE TALENT! (yikes...this is FAB!) :)