Saturday, December 3, 2011

holiday house recipe box by lauren bergold

for me, the holidays are all about ♥HOME♥ and i must admit, i am partial to a homemade treat or two! since i'm fairly useless in the kitchen, myself, (there's a shocking true confession for you!!!) i like to keep the cooks in my life especially happy at this time of year. i'm hoping this special box to hold holiday recipes will help!

the papers in the CHRISTMAS IN PARIS kit are particularly appealing, aren't they?! i love that in addition to rich reds and greens, pixie-in-chief kirsty vittetoe has given us some softer shades, too, as well as plenty of neutrals. that way we can dress them up or down, make them totally christmassy... or just hint at the holiday season!

i got this sweet house-shaped box at the craft store. the base measures approximately 3.25 x 5.25 x 4". it was plain papier mache when i found it, and i think it cost $2. the first thing i did was color each edge of the outside of the box with a dark brown permanent marker. that way, i didn't have to worry about cutting my papers perfectly to size, and it gives the eye a little bit of a break between patterns. i used distress inks around the edges of each piece of patterned paper, and attached each one with a really good application of gluestick. i've kept the embellishments pretty flat and pretty simple, since the box will probably be kept in the kitchen, and kitchens can get a bit messy! i'm also thinking i'll give this a quick coat of gel medium to protect the surface a bit more.

i've stocked the box with recipe cards and dividers, so that the cook in question will be able to fill it with all of their holiday specialities!

come to think of it, maybe i will slip in a few of my favorites as well... it couldn't hurt to give a hint or two, could it??! :)

Kirsty's Note -
That is absolutely the cutest holiday house, thanks Pixie Lauren!!!

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  1. Waaah.....!
    Beautiful boxes with recipe cards .

  2. This showcases the Pixie kit so well! Beautiful, Lauren :)

  3. beautiful!!
    Nati from Brazil

  4. Holy Moly this is incredibly beautiful. Well done. Lee xx

  5. Essa é uma linda caixa de receitas!! Grande idéia!!

  6. oh wow that is sooo cool!!!! LOVE how gorgeous it is!!!

  7. lauren, this is so fabulous!--love it!