Monday, November 1, 2010

Designer Day 1 ~ lauren bergold's happy little christmas trees

have you ever made something and it looked completely ADORABLE in real life, but only kind of cute in the photos? well, that's what happened to me with these happy little holiday you'll have to trust me when i tell you they're better than they look!

or better yet, why not grab november's awesome SNOW SHOE kit from the pixie dust shoppe and make your own, and then you can see for yourself! these babies were SUPER-easy to make and would be a fun project to do with kids...though a mom or dad is required for wielding the hot glue gun.

the base of these are the styrofoam tree forms you find in the floral department of craft stores. i left one full-sized (about 6.5" tall) and trimmed the other a bit shorter for variety. the foliage is nothing but 1.5" punched scallopped circles that have been inked around the edges and cut in half. you'll need about 40 circles for the big tree and another 25 or so for the smaller one. (you could also use un-scallopped circles, for that matter, or simple flower shapes, or even upside down hearts!) i used my thumbnail to curve the edges very slightly so that the layers would have a tiny bit of dimension.

once you have all of your punched shapes ready to go, it's time to start layering them, shingle-like, on your trees, securing each one with a thin line of hot glue placed along the straight edge of the half circle. the very first layer (at the bottom of the tree) needs to be put on with the straight side of the half circle facing *DOWN*; all the rest will have the scallops down. i overlapped them a bit from side to side, but don't worry if you have a teeny gap, by off-setting the placement, the row above can hide any small flaws!

at the top of my trees i have made a little decoration by gathering a length of signature pixie dust seam binding (that comes in EVERY pixie kit!) with needle and thread, and securing it on the tree with more hot glue. this forms a little base for one of the gorgeous dimensional prima rosebuds to act as a finishing touch.

i did stray very verrrrry slightly and add an item out of my own stash at the very end: i could not resist adding some green rhinestones to give a tiny bit of sparkle...because christmas trees should *ALWAYS* sparkle, in my opinion!

i hope you will be inspired to experiment and make your own happy little trees...and do be sure to link them in the comments so everyone can come and see them! ♥

Kirsty's Note
This is SUPER ADORABLE!!!! I want one just like this for christmas this year!

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  1. cute 3 D project!!! what a lovely idea of Christmas tree!!! something different!

  2. Lauren, you are always "exploding" with new ideas each time!! Can I have your creative brain for a day? LOL!!! Stunning tree!

  3. I said the same thing to her Jessy! I want to have a brain like Lauren!!!

  4. I AM IN LOVE AND I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT IT....WOW. My oh my it's gorgeous... Thank you so much for the tutorial!!!

  5. Fantastic idea!!!
    Lovely Christmas tree:)

  6. soooooo them to bits!

  7. LAUREN, YOU ARE A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!