Sunday, October 10, 2010

gift bag with trimmings by Lauren Bergold

what is it about a whole *collection* of something that makes it even more irresistible?! because seriously, if you put a box of chocolates in front of me, i kind of want to try them all; and if you put a card of luscious websters pages "le jardin" trims in my pixie dust paperie kit...i kind of want to *USE* them all...immediately...together!!!

in making this gift bag to hold my mother's birthday present, it seemed like a great idea to do just that: i used my adhesive runner to lightly stick the trims to a pre-cut piece of pink cardstock from the kit, wrapping the cut ends around to the back. then i affixed them more permanently with my sewing machine, mostly turning the wheel by hand because i am a novice and my grandmother's 1970's-era kenmore does not always love bulkier items!

to enhance the newly trimmed-up bag, i hand-cut, crumpled, and inked some fun and funky flower shapes from scraps of my kit's patterned papers, supplementing those by using the backs of the sturdy kraft-paper maya road journaling cards as the base layer for my flowers.

for extra-added embellishment... (because MORE is MORE!!!) ...i added sparkly button centers to some of the flowers; while on others i wrapped a bit of the pink looped fringe into a loose circle and secured it between paper layers to serves as an extra layer of textural "flower petals". happy birthday, mom! ♥

A note by Kirsty -
I am sure your mom loves this gift bag Lauren!!!! 
Amazing creation, my eyes popped when I first saw this! 
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  1. So beautiful!! You Mom is going to love this ... it's a present in itself ...

  2. These flowers are gorgeous! Love how you combined all those pretty ribbons!

  3. Your mother will be thrilled; it's gorgeous!