Friday, October 1, 2010

Designer Day 1 - Cupcake Giftcard Holder by Lauren Bergold

ok, i know it looks like i cheated and brought in outside items to make this luscious cupcake, but honestly, the only things which were not in this month's kit are a 3" styrofoam ball from michaels, a small notebook clip from my desk drawer, and some brown vintage beads from my stash that looked too much like chocolate sprinkles to resist using as a finishing touch!

lest you think i am clever enough to have come up with this project, i must point out immediately that the idea and method for this lovely piece of faux confectionary comes from a fabulously artsy video tutorial made by the stamp goddess, who is as wonderful a teacher as she is a craftswoman! if you watch the video once or twice, you *WILL* be able to make one too, honestly; and if you happen to have the october pixie dust paperie kit, you've already got most everything you'll need!

the cupcake structure consists of a cup made from the kit's chipboard backing sheet and the styrofoam ball i mentioned, but there's a little secret inside that makes it even better than a real cupcake:

YES! that's why you need a notebook clip: this yummy-looking treat is also a giftcard holder!

the decorations that make this little cake look so tasty consist of: an accordian-pleated patterned paper wrapper, gathered ribbon icing, diecut flower frosting, and rich layers of chocolate piping and whipped cream made from cardstock that was crumbled and shaped while wet and then glued into place after it was dry. it's surmounted by a maya road blossom, which helps to disguise the notebook clip at the top. all that was needed for finishing was a little glitter and those "chocolate sprinkles"! (for which you could substitute more glitter, or any small beads...or leave off altogether!)

i hope you'll be inspired to try the tutorial and make a delicious papercraft dessert of your own. when you do, please leave a link so we can all come and drool over it! and now, i really want a snack...cupcakes, anyone?! :)

A note by Kirsty -
Isn't that cupcake created by Lauren the yummiest thing? If you like this, be sure to check back tomorrow for another yummy project by our Design Team. 

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  1. Magic ... and now excuse me while I go have a cupcake.

  2. Absolutely fabulous!!! what a gorgeous delicious cupcake ..

  3. I definitely am going to make lunch; looking at this makes me hungry. This is so stinking cute and gorgeous at the same time. Love it!

  4. Oh my! this is so yummy looking that I want one! Yes you are making me hungry as well! Absolutely gorgeous, Lauren and the kit looks tempting!

  5. This cupcake is absolutely fabulous!

  6. Lauren, you are a paper goddess! You have been my favorite blog to follow for over 3 years. Your creativity is infinite. Gorgeous creation :)

  7. that's TOO cute! love the little surprise inside! the cupcake is so yummy! thanks for sharing! *hugs* steph :)