Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Angel layout by Zielonooka

Hello :)

Today I will show you LO of which I’m really proud. Why? Because of the yellow color which I generally don’t like and I use very rare but this time I broke the resistance and I could create something of which I am very happy :).

Picture which I used come from summer 2011and was taken by my husband.

I attached the original swan’s feather next to the image. I and my husband  had collected the feathers of various birds years ago and I found one in a keepsake box. Swan’s feathers and wings always reminds my the wings of an angel.

What do you think about this work?



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  1. Simply beautiful! Love everything about this!

  2. i think that i am ♥SWOONING♥ of the beauty of this, that's what i think! i also think you are now OFFICIALLY the *queen* of the color yellow, miss z!!! :)